AgroRun DoraCop

    It is a highly effective copper source recommended in cases of advanced copper deficiency. Copper is one of the indispensable elements for the synthesis of chlorophyll (green color pigment). Chlorophyll synthesis, on the other hand, plays a decisive role on the photosynthesis efficiency of the plant and ultimately the yield. Copper also provides the formation of protein and vitamins in the plant. In its deficiency, growth and development slows down. Young leaves narrow and shrink, the ends of the branches dry in fruit trees. If the deficiency in grains is severe and continuous, spikes will not occur. The effectiveness of copper applied from the leaves in the plant is high and gives results in a short time. It can be used as an input in organic agriculture. It is recommended to be used alone.

    Guaranteed Content w/w(%)
    Water Soluble Copper(Cu) %6
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